Milestones and roadmap

What are some future plans for Qubit Finance?

Qubit Finance has the following high-level goals:

  1. Establish a lending platform that vertically integrates the projects that MOUND has created,

  2. Provide the best benefits to BSC Bunny users with said integration,

  3. Grow into a large, Lending-as-a-Utility service for the Binance Smart Chain,

  4. Expand Qubit to other networks such as Polygon, further allowing users to take advantage of the low fees on the networks and allow Qubit to reach a wider user base.

Technical plans include:

  1. Revision of Borrower’s Collateral Ratio and add more supported Collaterals,

  2. Revision of Distributing Greater QBT Rewards to qScorers (Refactoring),

  3. Allocation of Governance Power to QBT Token holders (ie. QBT-DAO, voting),

  4. Creation and implementation of Derivatives and Inverse Leverage Products.

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